Good Weather (Offsite) in collaboration with Schlep
curated by Linda Mognato
Telemarketing Acton ‘96 aka Game of Phones 2.0 Special Bootleg Edition
April 16–May 20, 2023

Two-part show with Andre Morgan, Harlesden High Street

The new body of work presented at Good Weather (Off-site) in collaboration with Schlep builds upon Sofia’s multi-disciplinary practice which shifts between painting, moving image, installation and constructed experiences, often influenced by a photographic or cinematic perspective. The show delves into themes of trances, human experience, and our relationship with nature, inviting viewers to contemplate the depths of human consciousness and the uncharted territories of the mind.

The office in Room 420 of the exhibition runs in parallel with Andre Morgan's work in Room 408, creating a juxtaposition and dialogue between the two artists' works.

The human experience is a central theme that resonates throughout the exhibition and the paintings draw on various aspects of the artist's life, evoking personal memories, emotions, and cultural influences. The exploration of the artist's grandmother's religious cult in "Alberto" speaks to the intersection of personal and collective experiences, examining the ways in which our individual histories shape our identities and perspectives. The artwork also hints at the enigmatic and ineffable aspects of the human experience, raising questions about the nature of existence, belief systems, and the mysteries of life.

Furthermore, the exhibition delves into our relationship with nature, exploring the intrinsic connection between humanity and the natural world. The smaller works on velvet convey a tactile and sensory experience, inviting viewers to reflect on our fundamental relationship with the earth, our dependence on its resources, and our impact on the environment. The large scale abstract painting is adorned with metal plates and found materials sourced from a closing-down key shop.

In addition to the paintings, the exhibition also features smaller works on velvet that explore the concept of materiality and our intrinsic relationship with the earth. The concept of trances is depicted through the use of vivid colours, dynamic brushstrokes, and abstract forms that convey a sense of altered states of consciousness. The paintings and video work capture the enigmatic and mystical nature of trances, inviting viewers to contemplate the depths of human consciousness and the uncharted territories of the mind.