Chance, 6:31 (2023)

POROUS CITIES, 5:05 (2023)

South Parade at Feria, Marseille, 1:25 (2023) 

Melting Pot, 2:30, (2022)

Animation commission made for music group, Terra Twin, 2022

Diverso, 1:30, (2020)

Words: “We are stories, contained within the twenty complicated centimetres behind our eyes…lines drawn by traces left by the (re)mingling together of things in the world, and oriented toward predicting events in the future, toward the direction of increasing entropy, in a rather particular corner of this immense, chaotic universe.” from Carlo Rovelli, The Order of Time (2017)
Voice: my mum
Music: Tim Cornelius - Lampara del Ermitano (Fördämning Arkiv, 2019)
Feat. @a_fish_you_have_already_caught

Diverso showcased on Piccadilly Circus for, 2020

Painters Posting Paintings, collaboration with Zoë Carlon